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Alarm Registration

Security Alarms must be registered in Town of Middletown

Click here to download/print registration form

If you do not own a security alarm system at this time, please disregard this information. If you purchase a security alarm in the future, please contact Middletown Police for a registration form at that time.

To view the fee schedule for false alarms, click here.

The Middletown Police Department is asking all residents and businesses to register your home and business security alarms with us. Did you know there are more than 1,000 “false” alarms each year in the Town of Middletown? This means our police officers are spending time responding to false security alarm calls, when they could be addressing other crime issues in Town.

Due to this issue, all Middletown security alarms must be registered. If you do not register your alarm, you will receive a fine from our police department if they have to respond to your home or business for a false alarm. If you DO register your alarm, you get several chances for a false alarm before being fined.

You may also register by downloading and printing a form at or

For more information, contact Brenda Mayo at