Councilman Robert McGhee - Town of Middletown, Delaware

Councilman Robert McGhee

Robert McGhee    Councilman Robert McGhee was elected to Town Council on March 4, 2004. He is a resident of Longmeadow. Mr. McGhee is a retired cost accountant after 35 years at DuPont/Ciba Specialty Chemicals.  He and his wife Lorraine are parents to two grown children and three grandchildren.

   Councilman McGhee leads the water and wastewater departments for the Town.

   He is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:
American Legion, the
Delaware League of Local Governments, M.O.T. Male Choir, M.O.T Jean Birch Senior Center, M.O.T. NAACP, M.O.T. Food Pantry, Middletown Action Network, Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, the Free Masons, Dale United Methodist Church, Middletown Men’s Senior Golf League, Town of Middletown Golf League, DFIT (Del. Founders Insurance Trust), Buffalo Soldiers, Pinocle Club, the National Public Safety & Advocacy Committee, and the Volunteer Hose Co. of Middletown.

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