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Floodplain Information

Flood Mitigation Program - Hurricanes, Nor'easters, or even heavy rain could be threats to Delawareans. Just a few inches of rainfall can cause significant damage to homes and businesses.

To see if you are in an area affected by the Floodplain Ordinance, please click on the following: Middletown Floodplain (2013 map)

The link below will take you to the Town of Middletown's recently-adopted Floodplain Management Ordinance:

The links below provide information on flooding and flood-related topics within the Delaware Division of Watershed Stewardship:

           NFIP Study I

           NFIP Study II

         Emergency Checklist: In the event of a flood emergency, residents should be prepared with an emergency kit. Please see the recommended FEMA emergency checklist for ideas and suggestions for handling an emergency: Emergency Checklist