History - Town of Middletown, Delaware



History of the Middletown
Police Department

The Middletown Police Department was established on July 2, 2007, with the approval by the Middletown Mayor & Council to move forward with a budget for hiring a police force, starting with a police chief.

The Middletown Police Department began Oct. 31, 2007, with a foundation of 20 officers from various police departments throughout the state of Delaware and surrounding

This diverse workforce worked collectively to provide full police service within 90 days – which is unheard of – with the assistance of the law enforcement community in Delaware.

The current police department is comprised of a supervisory staff of four and 19 patrol officers, which includes a narcotics K-9 officer and two detectives.

The workforce is supported by a retired detective serving as an administrative aide to the department, who provides crime analysis data and office management for the department.

The department has recently been supplemented by six seasonal officers, who will provide additional support to the patrol officers on the street.
On March 25, 2008, we broke ground on a new police facility on Del. 299, west of Del. 1, which will be a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art police facility, with plenty of future growth potential. This facility will now enable our officers to provide exemplary police service to the residents of the Town of Middletown.

Police Chief Tobin sworn in July 18, 2007

Middletown Police Chief Henry "Hank" Tobin was sworn into duty on July 18, 2007. Here, he takes time out to pose with the Middletown Council after the ceremony. Pictured are (left to right) Councilman Robert McGhee, Councilwoman Catherine Kelly, Middletown Mayor Ken Branner, Chief Tobin, Councilman Jason Faulkner and Vice-Mayor Jim Reynolds.




Middletown Police
hire Lieutenant

Middletown Mayor Ken Branner (left) welcomes Lt. Daniel Yeager to the Middletown Police Department after his official swearing-in ceremony on Aug. 9. Yeager joins Chief Hank Tobin as the Town's new police force begins to form. Yeager's wife, Bernadette, is also pictured.






Police Department brings
on Sgt. Michael Kelly

Middletown Mayor Ken Branner (left) swears in the Middletown Police Department's Sgt. Michael Kelly on Aug. 20. Kelly is pictured with his wife, Brooke.





Sgt. Murray joins force

Sgt. Edward Murray, (at right) formerly of the University of Delaware Police Department, was sworn in as a Town of Middletown's sergeant on Sept. 10. Here, Middletown Mayor Ken Branner (left) reads the oath to be repeated by Murray, as Murray's wife Krista holds the Bible for the swearing-in ceremony.