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  Property Taxes for the Town of Middletown are billed annually at a rate of .30 per $100 of New Castle County assessed value. You may look up your total assessed value here:

   Property tax bills are usually mailed out every Aug. 1, and must be returned to the Town's Tax Office by Sept. 30, to avoid any penalties. A 1.5% penalty will be applied each month the tax is overdue.

   Senior citizens (65 years and older) who reside in the Town of Middletown, and have for at least one year, are eligible for a Senior Citizen discount if they submit the proper form with appropriate ID. The form must be returned to the Town offices prior to July 1 in order to be considered for that tax year. You only need to apply once for this discount, there is no renewal necessary. However, if you change addresses within the Town of Middletown, you must reapply utilizing your new address. The discount is applied to the residence, not the individual.

Senior Property Tax Exemption Application

If you have tax questions, click here to send an e-mail or call (302) 378-2711.