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Rental Properties

   The Town of Middletown has updated its rental property ordinance and revised its existing rental property inspection policies and procedures. All properties utilized as rental properties must be registered with the Town of Middletown Licensing and Inspections Department. There are no fees involved in this registration process.


    Rental inspections are required at the change of each tenant. All inspections are to be made while the rental unit is vacant, clean and all utilities turned on. The Town's rental inspection checklist should be followed in preparing the unit for inspection.


   Both the Owner's Rental Property Registration Forms (two pages) and Rental Property Registration Form MUST be completed in their entirety, and submitted to the Town, to begin the registration process.


   Please review the following updated rental ordinance and other documents:


Rental Property Registration/Inspection Information

Rental Properties Ordinance (Chapter 120)

Owner's Rental Property Registration Form

Rental Property Registration Form

Rental Property Inspection Procedures

Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Rental Property Improvement Acknowledgement Form

Clean Hands Ordinance (14-11-01)


** For additional rental property address listings, please utilize the following documents:

Rental Property Addresses (Additional)

Rental Property Addresses (Additional Blank)

Authorized Agent Utility Billing Address Change Request Form