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Dear Residents,

We apologize to our Town of Middletown
residents who received a broken or dirty
trash can this week.
This is not what we expected to be delivering
to our residents when we said you would
be receiving a new blue trash can.
We have halted delivery of the cans until
further discussions can be had with our trash
hauler. We have had all of the cans picked up that
were delivered this week, and w
e will notify residents
of our path forward as soon as possible


  Starting July 1, Town of Middletown residents will begin receiving new trash cans and new Yard Waste/Organics containers. This means residents will now have three (3) containers, one each to be used for trash, recycling, yard waste/organics pick-up each week. The collection days will not change – trash will still be collected on Tuesdays and recycling and yard waste/organics will be collected on Fridays.

    The specific cans should be used, as the trash trucks are designed to pick up and dump the cans – the driver is not supposed to exit the trash truck. This means there can be no bags or small trash cans left on the curb on trash day and no small bags or cans on recycling days. Residents should get used to using the three waste containers, only. The trash cans will be blue. The yard waste/organics cans will be yellow with a green lid. The current recycling cans will remain the same.

Also, grass clippings and weeds may no longer be placed on the street. These will now be placed in the yard waste/organics container. Other organic items include fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood, eggshells, rice, beans, cheese, bones, napkins, paper towels, paper plates, plants and flowers and all yard waste (including leaves and branches).

What is considered an organic? Click here to view everything you may place in your new organics/yard waste can.

  Trash is collected in the Town of Middletown on Tuesday. Recycling is collected on Friday. Please use the yellow/green recycling bin provided by the Town of Middletown on Fridays. The trash company will not pick up this container on Tuesdays with trash in it. Have a bulk item for trash? Please call 378-2211 and we will contact the trash hauler to let them know.

Have a trash complaint? Call (302) 378-2211.

For questions about your trash bill, call 378-2711.

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