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Utilities and Maintenance

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  For renters, a $300 meter deposit is required before transferring the account into the renter's name. Applicants must complete an application, have a signed lease, and show a valid photo id.  Locations must have been inspected and passed by the Town of Middletown. The deposit stays on the account until the renter moves out.

Residential Utility Service Application

  For commercial renters, the deposit is $400 per meter. Commercial renters must go through the Town of Middletown's permits and inspections process to receive a certificate of occupancy prior to completing the utility service application.

Commercial Utility Application

Municipal Interconnection Generation Agreement

An applicant (Generator Owner) may apply to the Town of Middletown to install and operate a generating facility interconnected with the Municipal’s utility system.

The form must be returned to the Town of Middletown Public Works, Attn: Chris Pierce, 431 Haveg Road, Middletown, DE 19709.

Generator Interconnection Agreement