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What is Yard Waste?

   Yard waste includes things such as grass clippings, leaves, brush, shrubs, garden material, pruning and clippings from trees and Christmas trees. 

  The Town of Middletown is no longer able to collect grass clippings or other yard waste on the streets. Residents should use their Yard Waste container, in which all yard waste (especially grass clippings) should be placed. This container is bright yellow with a green lid (pictured at left).  If you NEED a yard waste can, call Public Works at 378-2211 and one will be delivered to your home.

  The Town of Middletown Streets Department will continue to collect branches and leaves that don't fit into the yard waste container, on a regular, weekly collection schedule. Please attempt to place as much yard waste in your yard waste container each week (especially since your trash bill pays for this service). Call Middletown Public Works at 378-2211 to arrange a special debris pick-up.

  Yard waste DOES NOT INCLUDE: root ball from shrubs and plants or dirt, potting soil and/or sod. 

  Place yard waste loosely into the yard waste cart and include: small branches, household plants, grass clippings, and leaves.

  NO plastics of any kind.  DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS FOR ANY YARD WASTE!  

  Extra quantities of yard waste can be put next to the cart in a marked container for pick-up.  Paper Leaf Bags are acceptable.  NO PLASTIC BAGS

   Click here to view the Yard Waste Collection Schedule