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Frequently Asked Questions

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Property Taxes

Q - When are property tax bills sent out?

A - Property tax bills are sent out Aug. 1 of every year with the due date being Sept. 30.  A one and a half (1.5) percent penalty is assessed monthly after this time when no payment has been received.  Quarterly billing is done three (3) other times during the year when new or updated assessments are received from New Castle County.

Q - Does my mortgage company receive my tax bill?

A - The Town of Middletown sends all property tax bills directly to the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to forward the bill to the mortgage company.

Q - I am disabled, do I get a discounted property tax rate?

A - The Town does allow for disability discounts. You must have something in writing from New Castle County in order to receive this discount.

Q - I receive a senior discount for my property taxes, do I have to apply every year?

A - No. Once you have applied and been approved there is no renewal necessary. However, if you move residences within the Town of Middletown, you must reapply using the address of your new residence.

Q - What is the tax rate for the Town of Middletown?

A - The tax rate is $.30 per $100 of New Castle County assessed value. Example: assessed value 76,000 ÷ 100 = 760 X .30 = $228

Q - I only paid some of my tax bill, will I still be charged late fees?

A - Yes, as long as any of the base taxes remain unpaid after Sept. 30, they will accrue a 1.5 percent late fee monthly.

Utilities (water, sewer, electric, trash)

Q - I am 65 or older, is there a discounted property tax rate for seniors?

A - Yes, if you are 65 years of age or older, you may apply for the Senior Citizens Discount. Senior citizens (65 years and older) who reside in the Town of Middletown, and have for at least one year, are eligible for a Senior Citizen discount if they submit the proper form with appropriate ID. Please bring form and ID into Town Hall for identification purposes. The tax exemption form must be received prior to the beginning to the tax year June 30. You only need to apply once for this discount, there is no renewal necessary. However, if you change addresses within the Town of Middletown, you must reapply utilizing your new address. The discount is applied to the residence, not the individual.

If you have tax questions, click here to send an e-mail or call (302) 378-2711.

Click here to download/print the form: Senior Property Tax Exemption Application





Q - I am renting, how do I put the utilities in my name?

A - Make sure that the Town has a "passed" rental inspection for the property. You will need a $300 deposit and to fill out an application at the Town Office. Please bring in your signed lease and you must have a picture I.D. with you. Electric and trash are the only utilities to be put in the renter's name, water and sewer always stay under the owner's name.

Q - I just bought a mobile home, what do I need to do?

A - You would need to fill out an application at the Town Office with appropriate I.D. and give a $300 deposit before the electric is turned on or switched into your name. Although a rental inspection is not necessary for mobile homes, taxes in the previous owner's name must be paid in full.

Q - I just bought a house in Middletown, I would like to put the utilities in my name. Do I need to come in?

A - No. We work with the settlement lawyers in setting up the new accounts. The new owners should not have to do anything.

Q - How much does it cost to set up an electric account?

A - For renters, there is a $300 deposit for residential and a $400 deposit for commercial. If you own the property, no deposit is necessary.

Q - How much are late fees and when am I charged them?

A - Once your utility bill (water, sewer, electric, trash) becomes seven (7) days past due, a 6 percent late charge will be assessed to your past due account balance. Also, if your account goes to disconnection for non-payment, there is a $25 disconnection fee and a $25 reconnection fee. 

Q - How can I pay my bill? Do you take credit/debit cards?

A - The Town now accepts online payments of your montly utility bill with your credit or debit card! Click here  to visit our online payment center.

The Town now has a "PAY BY PHONE" feature -- call 1-844-611-4013. Please have your account number and "WIPP PIN" available at the time of the call. The WIPP PIN can be found in the center of the utility bill.

You may also mail your payment in, drop it in the mailbox located on the median at the entrance of Town Hall, put it in the payment box inside the lobby or give it to the cashier for a receipt. We currently accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, money orders, checks or cashier checks for payment.

We also offer a direct debit option for those who would like their utility payments debited directly from checking or savings accounts monthly. This option requires a preauthorized payment plan form to be filled out and dropped off or mailed to Town Hall. If you are putting your payment in a drop box or sending through the mail, please do not send cash. PLEASE NOTE: The town now deposits checks electronically with deposit-on-site software. Make sure funds are available in your account at the time you make your payment to the town.

Q - Do you take payments over the phone?

A - Yes, the phone payment system phone number is 1-844-611-4013. Please have your utility account number and "WIPP" PIN number available at the time of the call. The WIPP PIN can be found in the center of your utility bill.

Q - At what time does your cashier window close?

A - The window is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Q - I never see anyone reading my meter, how are they getting the readings?

A - We read meters using a mobile van system and no longer have to walk house-to-house.

Q - Can I make payment arrangements?

A - Yes, payment arrangements may be made in person only at the Town Offices. This cannot be done over the phone. Residents will have to pay one-third (1/3) of any past due amount at this time. You are allowed to make two (2) of these types of arrangements per calendar year.

Q - I see something on my bill that says PPAC, what is this for?

A - This is a "purchase power adjustment cost." This is a fee the Town of Middletown collects for wholesale power cost fluctuations which are not covered in base rates. The fee changes each month based on consumption by the entire town. This also ensures the customer's continuous service during peak power usage, avoiding brownouts and blackouts.

Q - What is this "customer charge" that's listed on my bill?

A - This is what we charge the customer for meter reading and maintenance.

Q - My bill doesn't look right, who can I talk to about billing questions?

A - You may call the billing department at (302) 378-2711, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q - Does the Town collect my trash? When is trash collected? Q - Can I put out bulk objects for trash pickup, something like a sofa?

A - Visit Trash for information about bulk pick-ups. 

Q - Can I put out cut grass and tree limbs with my trash?

A - For more information about yard waste or trash collection, click here.

You may also call Trash Tech at (302) 832-8000.


Q - When are Town elections held?

A - Elections are held the first Monday in March. The Mayor and three Council members are elected on odd numbered years, with the other three council seats up for election on even years.

Q - Do I have to register to vote?

A - No. You must be 18 years old and provide proof of residency in the Town of Middletown.

Q - When are Council meetings held?

A - Council meetings are held the first Monday of the month, at 7:30 p.m., in Council chambers located in Town Hall. If the first Monday falls on a major holiday, the meeting will be held the following Monday.

Q - Who do I report a broken street light to?

A - Please call Public Works at (302) 378-2211.

Q - Who do I call about potholes?

A - If the pothole is located on Del. 299 (Main Street) or Del. 71 (Broad Street) it is the responsibility of DelDOT. Call (302) 659-2400 to report the problem. In any other area of town, please contact our Streets Foreman at (302) 378-5140.

Q - Who do I call about stray dogs?

A - You will need to contact Animal Control at 1-888-352-7722.