25 days of Safety -- Tips for Day 2 - Town of Middletown, Delaware

25 days of Safety -- Tips for Day 2

Date: December 2, 2011
Time: 12:00 AM


¨  ‘Tis the season for caroling and unexpected guests, and although they may bring good cheer, not all who knock on your door may be wishing you well…. If you have not invited someone over or are not expecting someone ask who is at the door. You shouldn't just invite them in. 
¨ Solicitation is illegal in the Town of Middletown and should be reported immediately. Some solicitors are only “researching” houses, occupants and their belongings to commit future crimes. 
¨ As you are decorating or wrapping or hiding presents, cooking or cleaning the house, or even relaxing for a moment, keep your doors locked. An open and unsecured door is an easy way for someone to enter your home, even while you are home. 
¨ Be mindful about leaving valuables or personal belongings near a doorway. While you are busy with something on the other side of your house it is easy for someone to reach in and remove your wallet or purse or valuables without you ever knowing.