25 Days of Safety -- Tip for Day 3 - Town of Middletown, Delaware

25 Days of Safety -- Tip for Day 3

Date: December 3, 2011
Time: 12:00 AM


¨ A change in habit is the opportunity that someone is looking for to commit a crime.   If you always leave a light or the radio on while you are out for a short while, but you do not leave them on during a weeks vacation, it is a good indicator that you will be away for a while.
¨ Illuminate ALL main entrances and exits, sensory spot lights are good for sides of houses and near windows. Light is “un-inviting” to those who wish to be unseen; light will deter crime.
¨ If you will be away for a while... you should not cancel your mail or newspaper, have a neighbor or friend take them in; stopping your mail delivery indicates that you will be away from more than three days. Ask someone to walk or play or shovel your snow. A lack of tracks in a snow-filled yard is a good sign that no one is home.
¨ Inform your neighbors or those whom you trust that you will be away. Ask them to check on your house and to call the police if something looks out of place.
¨ Alarm systems are a good way to protect your valuables by deterring some people, but they will not physically keep an intruder out. Just because you arm your alarm, it does not mean that no one will enter your residence or business while you are away. Be sure to have your alarm registered and your emergency contacts on file.