25 Days of Safety -- Day 25 - Town of Middletown, Delaware

25 Days of Safety -- Day 25

Date: December 25, 2011
Time: 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM


Today's Tip -- Not all Advertising is good
   Try not to check into your social networks when you are away from your home.  Letting people know where you are all of the time, means they know where you are not.  (example: “The mall is crazy!!! I can’t believe I waited soooo long to do my Xmas shopping!!!” means I am not at home right now and probably will not be for awhile.)
   Also, when you throw out all of your wrappings and boxes tomorrow, be mindful that if you put the flat screen TV box, next to the I-pad box, and the X-box box along with the Tiffany’s bag, you have just let everyone know not only what great gifts you received, but also what great items they can steal from inside your home.