M.O.T. Snowflake Pageants - Town of Middletown, Delaware

M.O.T. Snowflake Pageants

Date: November 10, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Odessa National Golf Course Clubhouse

Crowns of Inspiration, Inc., the Independent Producer of the M.O.T. Snowflake Pageants is currently seeking delegates for its M.O.T. Snowflake Pageants which will be held Nov. 10 at the Odessa National Golf Course Clubhouse in Odessa.

This pageant was created for ladies 3+ to help promote positive pageantry and a community event to help build the self-esteem of individuals of all ages. They are going to be crowning winners in the following divisions and the ladies crowned will be riding in the Middletown Holiday Parade Nov. 17:

TINY MISS (3 to 4 Years)

LITTLE MISS (5 to 6 Years)

JR MISS (7 to 9 Years)

PRE-TEEN (10-12 Years)

TEEN (13-17 Years)

MISS (18+ Years of Age, Single)

MS (21+ Years of Age; both Mrs & Ms can enter this division.)

The pageant will start at 2 pm and tickets for be sold at the door at 10.00. There are also a limited amount of vendor tables available for $35.00 (includes table).

For more information, please contact Siouxzan Moore, Pageant Director at 302.357.8814 or MOTSnowflakePageants@live.com

Deadline to enter is October 31, 2012.