Titanic Weekend at the Everett Theatre - Town of Middletown, Delaware

Titanic Weekend at the Everett Theatre

Date: May 3, 2013 - May 6, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM




   For this Titanic event, there are only four days and there are four berths to present all there is to see and experience.  The Titanic became famous as the world’s first global news story when it sank and came to rest 12,500 feet below the ocean’s surface in April, 1912.  Everything from the ship’s design to the reason for the trip to the bottom of the ocean will be covered during this four day, four venue event in Middletown, DE.


   The “pier” is Main Street, Middletown. The berths, or venues, are the Everett Theatre, the Everett Theatre Annex, the Gibby Art Center, and Middletown Memorial Hall and the event runs from Friday, May 3 through Monday, May 6.  There is much to see and hear, and these venues are close together. 


   Friday evening  at the Everett Theatre the play Voices From the Titanic will be presented, giving the audience the experience of seeing Titanic’s passengers in the travel dress of the day, and will set the mood for their journey that has an unexpected interruption with an encounter with an iceberg’s lethal strength.  


   The main event for Saturday’s Gala is the unveiling of the 15 x 10 ft. mural of The Titanic  staircase painted by Gibby Perry.  Gala guests will be photographed in front of this magnificent staircase this night only. Viewing of the mural is Saturday through Monday.  Attendees will also enjoy artwork and memorabilia from the White Star Line at the Annex, a cocktail reception  and a dinner at the Middletown Memorial Hall that mirrors in content and presentation the dinner as served on the Titanic.  Additional entertainment and an auction will be held during the Gala event.   All four venues will be a part of this extensive combination of viewing and doing.


   Sunday and Monday attendees will view the artwork and memorabilia and have the opportunity to learn more about the Titanic, the 75th anniversary gathering, that this magnificent mural was made for and the cruise that was taken over the wreck site.


   Come out and join us as we celebrate one of Gibby Perry’s greatest works.  This opportunity to see the mural is only Saturday through. Monday, as the mural will return to the Titanic Historical Society.


   This weekend opportunity for enjoyment, pleasure and knowledge gained will support The Everett Theatre and Gibby Center in their continued commitment to be an active participant and contributor to the Middletown, Odessa  and Townsend communities. 


    Tickets are available for part or all of the exhibit and entertainment. For more information go to  http://www.thegibby.com/Titanic.htmlor contact one of the co-captains.

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